Cheap LCD TV Buying Guide And How to Get It

cheap lcd tv

LCD TV is becoming popular during the past years. They have also improved a lot starting when the TFT (thin file transistor) technology was adopted to eliminate problems on angular resolution and ghosting issues that can be found on cheap LCD before. Today, there is no need to concern yourself with this kind of problems. You can purchase a cheap LCD TV with the exact same high technology and state-of-the-art creation. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is a flat panel TV that operates on liquid crystals. These liquid crystals are layered between two glass plates. As electricity move across these crystals, pixels light up and an image is generated.

Plasma televisions were the first available in the market. They had no competitors for quite a while until the LCD TVs emerged. They are practically the same in their picture quality. Maintenance wise, LCD televisions are less complicated. They have longer screen life and consume less electric power compared to plasma televisions and CRT TVs. You might need to inquire, what would be the features of LCD televisions? LCD has digital pictures which is a lot different from CRT screens since LCD offers sharper images which is nearly as good as the plasma. With its sleek design, being thin and lightweight, it will save you a lot of space. LCD TVs happen to be compatible with high definition TV formats. With a wide screen format, you would feel like you are in the movies. You shall not experience distortion in LCD TVs because the screens are flat.

Because there are many holiday sales and cheap LCD televisions being sold by major retailers as well as top online store websites, you’ll find it more and more challenging to buy a low priced LCD TV without sacrificing quality. Despite the fact that manufacturers of LCD TVs are cutting down prices, there are still people preferring units they can purchase at significantly reduced prices. In case you are observing your budget but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your viewing pleasure, here are some guidelines for finding and buying cheap LCD TVs.

Stay away from Off Brands – Primary words of advice would be to avoid HDTVs which have brand names you haven’t heard of. It’s one of the simplest ways to avoid cheap and low quality TVs.

Resolution – For Small TVs, 720p is fine. If all you plan on making use of your TV for is watching television or playing video games, then if the television set you’re considering buying is 40″ or less, it’s not necessary to really need full 1080P resolution. If you’re thinking about making use of the TV as a computer monitor, simply purchase a computer monitor instead. If the TV is 42″ or more, then 1080p is definitely the appropriate option.

LCD, LED or Plasma? – The cheapest TVs are always LCD TVs. Plasma TVs are generally good values for their size (there aren’t a lot of sub 50″ plasmas nowadays), however suck up three times more electric power that will increase several hundred dollars to your electricity bill annually. LEDs can be the perfect for picture quality, brightness, and black levels, however they are also the most expensive of the bunch. If you are considering the best value, simply stick with LCD.

cheap lcd tvContrast Ratio – Many of us have come across many bargain TVs recently sporting mere 10,000:1 contrast ratios. To tell the truth, the picture simply is not going to look as sharp or as nice as you’re probably expecting with such low ratios. High end LED TVs have ratios which are in the millions these days, nevertheless as long as you get one that has at least 50,000:1, you’ll be fine.

Refresh Rate – One of the largest problems regarding LCD TVs from the days of was that whenever you’d watch something which had a lot of action, for instance, sports, that the motion might get blurry. This was because of the fact that the majority of LCD had 60 hz refresh rates. Nowadays, the best LCD TVs have 480 hz refresh rates. Since you have no need for anything that high to obtain a good picture, we do recommend staying with 120 hz TVs whenever you can.

Buy refurbished – Refurbished LCD TVs are much cheaper than those units you find on display at the local electronics store. The majority of of them are actually completely new – except that they have been repaired or reconditioned in some way. When you look harder, you could obtain LCD TV at a slashed off price simply because it had a minor scratch or dent on the exterior – nothing more. In the event you purchase refurbished, always visit an authorized retailer or dealer so you can be assured of quality.

Seasonal sales – Sometimes brand names must give in when the seasonal sale trumpet sounds. The reason behind this is really easy, actually. Manufacturers actually watch out for particular weeks or months in a given year when the desire to buy rises. This points out the reason why there’s lots of sale events happening at The holiday season – people simply have the reason to shop for and they possess the money. If you would like to get a cheap LCD TV, take into account buying during seasonal sales. You can get from 5% up to 20% off in case you’re lucky. In addition, you shouldn’t have to question the quality of the merchandise.

Clearance sales – Clearance sales for electronics usually takes a while to occur however they are generally worth the wait. That is, determined by your goal for buying and the specific features you are interested in. In case you are in the store searching for this year’s model waiting for you on the clearance shelves, good luck. The majority of units offered throughout clearance sales are usually older models or those that have not good results in the market. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind the ‘age’ of the model, this might be a great approach to consider when looking for a cheap LCD TV. Have a look at your local dealers regularly and inquire your friendly salesperson for a heads up about any clearance sales in the horizon. You need to be one of the first in the store when that occur so that you can choose carefully from available products.

The ultimate way to obtain a reasonable price for your LCD TV is always to compare the various prices from various stores. If you notice that you have a solid idea of what sort of LCD model you desire to get, you should check on the internet the reviews and comments regarding the different models. You will get more information on the internet which are quite often not seen in your local stores. Additionally, experts on that subject have many information as well as consumers who own the actual product.

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